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Meditation at Cow Pond
June, 2013
July, 2013
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October, 2013

Cow Pond probably doesn’t sound at all romantic but this man-made lake, in a secluded corner of Windsor Great Park, is an oasis of tranquillity. It’s the half-way point (or there abouts) in my morning run and, if I’m really lucky, I get it all to myself. For years, the undergrowth made it impossible to circumnavigate but hurrah for the Queen’s Jubilee: not only has it been completely cleared, there’s an ornamental bridge at one end and a summerhouse at the other. So it’s here that I grab a five-minute breather at the end of a complete circuit and let my mind drift. The water lilies are just starting to bud, the ducks pootle about on the water while a large grey heron majestically surveys all from high in the trees. In the distance I might see a plane in the distance heading into Heathrow but all I can hear is bird song – and I am overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and well-being.

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