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Slice, dice or crush?
June, 2013
July, 2013
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October, 2013
Some old friends nearly fell out once over the right way to prepare garlic: the question being whether the ‘correct’ method is to slice, dice or crush it. I seem to remember Elizabeth David being quoted (vehemently) by one of them. At one time, I had a garlic crusher, which did the job very quickly but was an absolute beast to clean. It was one of the must-haves of my first kitchen in the 1970s; we certainly didn’t have one at home. Eventually, it went the way of the fondue set and the pasta maker.
About 15 years ago, my German sister-in-law gave me a very simple, but ingenious, wooden mushroom for crushing garlic, after I had admired hers. I still use this occasionally, but most of the time I just chop and flatten the cloves with a knife. Then, when I thought the debate was fairly well defined, I recently came across ‘bash’ and ‘grate’ the garlic in two new recipes.

Does it really matter? Or does it make a difference to the flavour?
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