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There's been a lot about mobile phone etiquette in the press over the last week. I've always believed in 'phones off' at social gatherings and have been saddened to see whole families at a restaurant table, all talking or texting someone on their mobiles but defintely not in conversation with one another.

But there is an exception to this 'switch-it-off' rule in our house and that's for major sporting events. On Saturday, our supporting team of three watching the Lions famous victory over the Wallabies was boosted by texts:
- sister and husband in Bristol
- daughter and boyfriend in Bournemouth
- brother winding up mate in Australia
- exchanges with friend in a bar in Georgioupolis, Crete
- nephew checking in from Boston, US.

There is something quite magical about connecting and sharing the experience, all living through the same intense emotions and willing our team on to win.

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